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A state funded independent primary school in Grays for children from 3 to 11 years.


To give every learner the best possible lifetime opportunities by providing the best possible education.

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*** Thank you for all the positive comments and congratulations we have received following our Ofsted report's publication. *** Woodside is closed for half term and will re-open on Monday 3rd November. *** Woodside had the highest percentage of children taking part in the Big Summer Read "The Mythical Maze" - well done children. *** Wear a onesie or pyjamas for Children in Need on Friday 14th November. *** Coming soon: Pyjama day for Children in Need on 14th November.. *** Poppies on sale from the School Council now and until 11th November. ***
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Principal   Mr E E Caines MA 
Woodside Academy, Grangewood Avenue, 
Grays, Essex, 
RM16 2GJ
Phone: 01375 372513     
Fax: 01375 394516
 Woodside Academy is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. Company number 8272256

Woodside Academy News

Half Term Fun

We have had a packed week of activities at Woodside. To finish on Friday we have Mr Hawkins’ Sports clubs plus our holiday club which has been open all week as usual.

Hallowe’en Disco

Our Hallowe’en Disco will be on Monday 3rd November, the first day back after half term.

New Menu

A warming Winter Menu will start after half term.

Big Tour

Well done to everyone who took part in the big tour. Woodside completed 3173 ‘miles’, easily beating the 840 mile target of the Tour of Britain, and won a free smoothie maker bike session for the school; - the smoothie maker is pedalled powered!

Book Fair

Thank you for supporting our Book Fair. You helped us buy over £500 worth of books for the school.

Connecting Classrooms

It was a pleasure to welcome Benjamin Oppong Bawuah, headteacher of KO Methodist School who paid a return visit to Woodside before half term as part of our British Council Connecting Classrooms project. Miss Barr and Miss Wall went to his school in Ghana last term and our two schools will be staying  in contact.

Training Day

We used our staff training day to keep children safe with first aid training for support staff while teachers did awareness training for Online Sexual Exploitation, looked at next steps following our Ofsted report and ensuring our assessments are consistent across the school.

School Council Charities

The school council has chosen to support the following charities this year: British Legion Poppy Appeal, Children in Need, Operation Christmas Child, and Comic Relief. They are already selling poppies and are organizing a pyjamas or onesie day for Children in Need on Friday 14th November. We will drop our usual dress code and children and staff can wear their comfy pyjamas or onesies  that day in exchange for a donation of at least £1.

Mythical Maze

Well done to all the children who completed the Mythical Maze this summer. You helped Woodside come first in Thurrock with 53% children joining the scheme and 42% completing. As the next schools had only 26% and 19% children completing Woodside was far and away the winner.

Ofsted Inspection

Our Ofsted report is now published online and you can read it here. Ofsted brought in much tougher criteria this term but still gave us a resounding good over all areas and rated children’s cultural development as “outstanding” because of the opportunities we provide.  Read about it on Your Thurrock.

Food Bank Thank You

We had a letter from the food bank thanking us for your donations which weighed in at 372.3 Kg! Thank you again for your support.

Farm to Fork Visits

Year 3 visited Tesco Lakeside to find out how food comes from the farm, or the sea, to their table.

Travel Plan

Thurrock council are using travel plan funding to support our work in promoting walking and two-wheeled transport. They are installing a new cycle shed at the front of the school for visitors, parents and staff, a scooter  park for younger children, and a shelter where you can wait when the weather is wet. Click here to see the plan.

Wat Tyler Visit

Our Y4 classes class were at Wat Tyler Country Park   before half term where they stayed overnight and found out about the history and ecology of the park, including the old explosives factory owned by Alfred Nobel, now known more for his peace prize.


Swimmers need to have a coat with a hood or a cap and suitable footwear for bad weather. Children may bring umbrellas provided they are sensible with them.

Football Victory

Well done to both boys and girls’ teams for their 3:1 victory against Arthur Bugler and 4:2 victory against Lansdowne last Tuesday.

The Hare and the Tortoise

Colchester’s Mercury Theatre brought their magical production of the Hare and the Tortoise to Woodside for reception, key stage 1 and year 3 classes.

The Big Tour

Get back in the saddle for The Big Tour! Inspired by The Tour of Britain we are taking part in a virtual race where journeys to school by bike/scooter count as tour miles. Bike It’s Hannah Brittain came in  to start us off with a bike ride and breakfast before school, “Bling your Bike” at lunchtime and a ride to Davy Down after school. The police sent an officer to security mark bikes but, as we had too many bikes to do in one day, we have  booked another session on 1st December to finish the job.

Maths Workshops

We had amazing attendance for our maths workshops for parents. Thank you to Miss Roberts for organizing them and to everyone who came along. Please let us know if you would like more meetings like this.

Harvest Festival

Thank you for your support for our Harvest Festival.

Chance to Dance

Year 3 are working on Swan Lake with members of the Royal Ballet. They will be having lessons on Fridays and at the end of term will go to see the ballet Don Quixote, at Covent Garden.

Beat the Street

As well as winning the prize for the top scorer of Beat the Street we have been presented with a further cheque for £171.43 — our share of the prize given to all schools together for meeting the 25000 mile total target. Thank you to everyone who supported us.

Reception Tea Parties

Thank you to everyone who came and read at the reception tea parties. We hope you enjoyed the cakes.

Olympic Visit

We took Woodside Bike Club to the Olympic Velodrome in Stratford where they met Olympic Gold-Medallist Jason Kenny  and were commended for their behaviour.


What have Woodside children been learning this half term?

N      All about me

R     Families & Friends

Y1   Things that move

Y2   People who help  us

Y3    Food for thought

Y4   Wat Tyler

Y5   A Tudor King

Y6  World War 1


    October Newsletter





We had an action packed first half term at Woodside Academy. We started teaching Mandarin and welcomed our new Mandarin and Spanish assistants. Children enjoyed exciting visits; from the Gruffalo Trail to War Horse with a Y4 residential visit to Wat Tyler Country Park, we led Thurrock in The Big Tour, had two lovely Harvest Festivals, the return visit from our Ghanaian partner school and a highly successful Ofsted inspection which recognized our pupils “outstanding cultural development”.

Connecting Classrooms
Ghana + ThurrockY6 meet cast memberNew Winter Menu

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