Text Box:   Woodside School is now Woodside Academy.
A state funded independent primary school in Grays for children from 3 to 11 years.


To give every learner the best possible lifetime opportunities by providing the best possible education.

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*** Woodside wins the Sainsbury's GOLD AWARD. *** Well done Woodside Steel for another fine performance at Orsett Hall.*** National SATs results released over the summer show Woodside is very significantly ahead (see below). *** Well done to all the children who took part in the Mythical Maze! ***
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Thurrock gold star awarded to Woodside school for its extensive sport and PE provision. This replaces the active mark.The inverstor in people logo awarded to woodside school for the standard of its work with staff.Gold logo of Woodside School's Arts Mark GOLD award.Woodside School's Basic Skills Quality Mark - a large blue Qhealthy school logo (children playon on blue background)  awarded to Woodside School for work on healthy eating, keeping children active and good health education.International School Award 2009 - 2012Woodside School's Quality in Study Support (QISS) award logoGold and blue heart shaped logo of Woodside School's Every Child Matters Quality Mark GOLDThe Bike It bronze award in the form of a bronze cog wheel awarded to Woodside School for effectively promoting cycling.

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Woodside Academy
Text Box: To contact Woodside Academy
Principal   Mr E E Caines MA 
Woodside Academy, Grangewood Avenue, 
Grays, Essex, 
RM16 2GJ
Phone: 01375 372513     
Fax: 01375 394516
 Woodside Academy is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. Company number 8272256

Woodside Academy News

Woodside Steel

Steel pan has restarted on Wednesdays including a 4 to 5 session aimed at older players, some who may have left Woodside but who want to play in a youth steel band.

Y5/6 Parents’ Meeting

If you missed the meeting or need to check some information on secondary admissions you can download the presentation here.

Gold Award for Woodside

We have just won the Sainsbury’s Gold Award for school sports at Woodside. Well done to all the staff involved!


Welcome to our new Chinese language assistant Cao Rong who will be helping us to teach Mandarin and aspects of Chinese culture. Mandarin is the most commonly spoken language in the world and, with China on track to be the world’s largest economy, is set to be very important  for anyone working in business in the future.

Clubs and activities

We have a new timetable of clubs and activities which you can download here. Clubs for each day are shown on the right of this page and updated to show any changes. This will show the next day’s clubs after 4.00 p.m. and will be further updated if necessary, in the morning. Please check the website during the morning if your child is in a club as we now only send out text messages for any changes notified after lunch. We are now using the symbols “£” for a paid club, usually starting at £3 per session, and “i” for by invitation.

Beat the Street

Woodside won the prize for the top scorer of Beat the Street. Thank you to everyone who supported us in this.

Harvest Festival

We are collecting for Thurrock food banks as part of our harvest festival on Thursday 25th September. Please send dried or tinned food and jars rather than fresh items for this. Key Stage one (i.e. year one and two but not reception) have their harvest festival at 9.00 a.m. with Key Stage two at 2.00 p.m. You are welcome to attend but please understand there will be limited space. There is no room for babies and toddlers but we will be running our usual crèche.

Woodside Steel

Well done to our steel band for a very professional performance at the Great Ormond St Hospital Charity Ball held at Orsett Hall at the beginning of term.

Holiday Activities

Woodside Holiday Club was open 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. every day through the summer and we have provided additional activity days. A big thank you to all the staff who made this possible. Our holiday club will be open again at half-term including the training day beforehand.

SATS & in-school assessments 2014

Well done to children and staff for these results. They are not only an improvement on our own results last year but significantly better than this year’s national results.

KS1 Assessments:

                                2C+       2B+       3+

Reading              100%     88.5%    18%

Writing                  95.1%    60.7%    4.9%

Maths                    100%     88.5%    9.8%

KS2 SATS 2014:

                                L4+                  L5                    L6

Reading              100%             55%

Maths                    94%               35%

Writing (TA)       94%               41%               1.8%

All three              90%

Grammar etc     81%               59%

        2 Levels Progress          3 Levels progress

Reading              100%                            35%

Writing                 87%                              44%

Maths                   94%                               11%

Early Years Foundation Stage Profile:

In our reception classes 72% of children were assessed as having reached a “good level of development” as they had achieved the expected levels in the three prime learning areas and the specific areas of maths and literacy.

Bouncy Reading Reward

We treated our 100% attenders and the children who did the Big Summer Read last year to an inflatable assault course and bungee run. There will be a similar prize for all our readers next year!


Football Champions

What are Woodside children learning this half term?

N      All about me

R     Families & Friends

Y1   Things that move

Y2   People who help  us

Y3    Food for thought

Y4   Wat Tyler

Y5   A Tudor King

Y6  World War 1



Woodside Steel at Orsett Hall

Woodside Academy where learning is an adventure. Recognized by Ofsted as a school where children achieve “outstanding personal outcomes”. While ambitious for our children academically we also provide an unrivalled range of extra-curricular activities to develop their personal skills.

Thursday Clubs

Breakfast Club (£)

7.15 a.m. 8.55 a.m.

Hand Ball   Yr 3/4

7.45 a.m. 8.55 a.m.

Multi (£)Activity

Starts next week



KS1 Choir


Badminton Yr 3/4


Cycling KS2


KS2 speed stackers


Mo-Co (reception)


KS2 Girls football

3.00 p.m.      4.15 p.m.

Y5/6 Drama (i)

3.00 p.m.      4.00 p.m.


3.00 p.m.      4.00 p.m.

Language Club

3.00 p.m.      4.00 p.m.


3.00 p.m.     4.20 p.m.

After school club (£)

3.00 p.m.  6.30 p.m.

More clubs

This week at Woodside Academy

Monday 15th

Tuesday 16th

Wednesday  17th

Thursday 18th

Friday 19th

Open the Book           Tabitha


Wat Tyler Meeting after school

Y5/6 Parents’ Meeting 7.00 pm

Recorder Lessons start Y4

6T Class Assembly

Steel Pan lessons    start Y3

Woodwind lessons

Cycle Club Olympic Park Visit

Guitar lessons

Y6 bikeability

Swimming 3B 2BS 3W


More dates